Serving Western Connecticut Since 1993

Welcome to the Greenacres service information page. We are the premier provider of comprehensive irrigation services in Fairfield County and surrounding towns. Our goal is to provide the very best in irrigation installation, design and maintenance. Because our quality standards are high, our service technicians and managers are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver outstanding service at competitives prices. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a list of our services:


Free Quotes

Call us or send us an email to set up an appointment for a free quote. Owner, David Pijnenburg, will meet with you at your property to discuss your needs. Following the meeting, he will create a plan and provide a quote generally within one week at no cost.

New Installations, Additions & Maintenance/Repairs

Greenacres can install a new irrigation system or add on to an exisitng system. If you are using a landscape designer, we are always happy to work with them to create the outdoor environment of your dreams. We take pride in our work and, upon completion, will leave your property in the condition in which it was found. We will bring in top soil and reseed affected areas, if necessary. Greenacres provides the first Winterization service following installation at no charge. We use the highest quality irrigation supplies available in the industry. For greater stability and reliability, we use PVC pipe for pressurized mainlines instead of poly pipe.

A properly designed irrigation system will require few repairs. Lawn mowers and snowplows can damage sprinklers. Simply contact Greenacres to schedule a service call for repairs.

Spring Start-Ups & Winterization

Spring Start-Up service includes turning on the system water, checking for leaks, proper valve operation, and adjusting, and/or replacing any damaged or malfunctioning sprinklers as needed. Because irrigation systems consist of underground pipes through which water travels, the system must be purged before the first hard frost in the fall. This service, known as Winterization, protects pipes, backflow valves and sprinklers. Greenacres provides the first Winterization service following installation at no charge. Contact the Greenacres office to schedule service.

Seasonal Effeciency Check-Ups

A Seasonal Efficiency Check-Up will conserve water, keep plants/grasses healthy, and save you money. Because irrigation systems are turned on in the early spring and run through the fall when rainfall is more frequent and temperatures cooler, your automatic controller time settings may need to be increased/decreased in early June and late August. These adjustments will compensate for seasonal weather changes (hotter, drier weather). Sprinklers may need to be adjusted for spray direction to allow for plant growth. Depending on water source, filters in sprinkler heads may need cleaning to prevent clogging.

Emergency Repairs

Appointments for emergency repairs are available seven days per week and are made by calling Greenacres office. If you need to leave a message, it is our policy to return calls within 24 hours.

Irrigation Audits

As a certified irrigation auditor, David will perform an irrigation system audit to improve water management and water distribution uniformity. The audit will include generating irrigation schedules and tracking actual site water use. This information, combined with estimates of plant water requirements, will be used to ensure your system is operating efficiently and effectively. The benefits of an audit include: water savings and savings on money spent on water, improved landscape appearance (uniformly green grass), runoff reduction and reduced fertilizer requirements.

Specialized Irrigation Systems

We have vast experience in specialized irrigation including drip pipe that delivers water directly to the soil using flexible polyethylene tubing. It is perfect for potted plants, plant beds, and ornamental trees/shrubs. In addition,  it is a good solution for problem soils and difficult terrain. Drip pipe delivers slow, regular and uniform application of water which will save water, money and energy. It is also an effective way to deliver fertilizers and improve disease control which can result in more healthy, robust plants. 

Greenacres has experience in the  design and installation of irrigation systems for tennis courts, putting greens, roof-top landscaping, paddock and livestock areas, and more.

Lake Pumps

Years of experience serving lakefront properties has made Greenacres experts in the use of lake pumps.  Based on elevations and property size, David can determine the appropriate pump size for your property. Greenacres can also install pond aerators and aeration fountains in ponds and lakes to keep water healthy and add beauty to your landscape.

Filter Installation

Depending on your systems water source, sediment may be entering your irrigation system resulting in frequently clogged sprinkler nozzles. Greenacres will install a filter (independent of household drinking water filters or water softeners) to reduce harmful sediment and costly repairs.


Greenacres offers fertilization systems that connect to the pressurized sprinkler main line to deliver fertilizer to multiple sprinklers zones. The system feeds through all types of sprinklers and drip emitters each time the area is watered.