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Frequently Asked Questions

Why irrigate?

Properly designed and installed irrigation systems provide even watering, and save you time and labor while protecting your investment in landscaping plants and grass. Today's systems conserve water by automatically delivering consistent and adequate amounts of water regulated by an automatic controller installed with a rain sensor. This technology adapts to changing weather conditions.

Why choose a licensed certified irrigation contractor?

You can rely on a licensed certified irrigation contractor to design, install and manage an efficient system based upon years of experience and continuing education to keep abreast of industry best practices.

How long will it take to install a system and will it disburb my lawn and/or gardens?

Installation ususally takes one or two days to complete depending on the size of the project.  We will as work quickly, efficiently and neatly as possible. We take great care to restore your property to it's original condition. If necessary, we will add top soil and reseed effected areas.

Once installed, who maintains the system?

After installation, Greenacres will review the system, including the controller that automatically operates the watering schedule, with the homeowner. Service calls are made by appointment as needed by calling Greenacres office. Service contracts are available to those customers whose system requires monitoring on a regular basis throughout the season (i.e. residential estates, housing developments, athletic fields, commercial properties).  A properly designed and installed system should require few repairs. Snowplows, lawn mowers, and small animals can damage sprinklers heads and drip pipe. An appointment for a service call to replace damaged parts can be made by calling the office. We do not retail sell replacement parts.

How does a watering schedule work?

Greenacres will work with the home/property owner to set up a watering schedule to best fit their needs based on plant materials, weather conditions, and our professional experience. We recommend mid-season system check ups to ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible to conserve water and energy and keep plants and grasses looking their best.

Does Greenacres provide a warranty?

Workmanship of installation by Greenacres is under warranty for two years from date of installation. Installation of parts is based upon manufacturers warranty which is typically two or more years.

What is the most effecient way to water my perennial garden(s) & newly planted trees/shrubs?

Drip pipe is best for these areas because it delivers water directly to the soil and not from above, keeping leaves dry and soil moist and cool. Installing drip pipe will conserve water and ensure uniform delivery where and when it's needed most.